“The People. The Experience.” 

Founded in 1982, the goal of COI remains the same: Delight Customers. In March 2007, Allsteel purchased a controlling interest in COI.  This strategic decision enabled COI to continue to meet and exceed customer expectations.This partnership resulted in financial stability, exceptional manufacturing cooperation, and a powerful implementation team. Distribution owned by manufacturing results in a seamless experience.

HNI Corporation, Allsteel’s and COI’s ‘parent’, is a different kind of company. With deeply held values that were born with the corporation's founding in 1944, we are a collection of individuals, called Members, united by a dedication to integrity, quality, innovation, service and continuous improvement.  Like all of the HNI companies, COI constantly strives to be the best at what we do. By continuously analyzing, evaluating and improving our products, our process and our people’s capabilities we ensure that we are providing you with a superior overall experience and the most meaningful solutions at the best possible price.

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