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At COI we commit to be a valued partner - to provide relevant, quality products and exceptional service in everything that we do.  Our team views this as a time of great opportunity. It’s a time to positively impact the way people work, enhance the performance of our clients’ facilities, integrate resources, maximize productivity, and collaborate on levels that will influence the way our work environments perform well into the future. We are passionate about creating and providing long lasting value; and it is our commitment to support you with the same passion, focus and energy that has helped build our parent company, HNI, into a $2.0 billion company. 

Today, most organizations recognize that tangible and intangible aspects of an employee’s work environment have a real impact on top and bottom lines. Our goal at Allsteel and COI is to enable our customers and their consultants to create workplaces in which people thrive and the goals of the business are realized; workplaces that make sound financial sense, improve internal processes, support social responsibility and foster the creativity, productivity and well-being of people at work.

With a history of providing exceptional results with a focus on client care, we will provide unique supply chain integration, cost reduction, and unparalleled responsiveness and execution, tailored to fit your particular needs.  Our talented staff combined with a broad range of superior products allows COI to provide solutions that address an ever-changing variety of facility needs as well as a broad range of budget scenarios.

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