Allsteel Seating

Allsteel   Seating 

From collaborative spaces to private offices,Allsteel provides ergonomics that are comfortable, functionality that's flexible, and performance that endures Allsteel offers seating solutions that will work for your unique situation:




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HON Seating


HON       Ceres Seating Collection

Ceres seating began with scientific research on how people sit. The end result is a superior sitting experience-and a stylish, beautiful chair. The aesthetic integrity of form that follows function gives Ceres its clean, purposeful appearance. Its contours and shape exist to support you completely as you move throughout your workday. As a bonus, Ceres also has the aesthetic flexibility to reflect just the right personality for practically any workplace environment.


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Allseating   Executive Collection

Allseating is focused on supporting people in the seated position, through their broad line of seating solutions and Anatome line of personal work tools. Allseating has over 20 unique executive and task chair designs with several different fabric and style configurations for each.  


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SitOnIt Task Chairs

SitOnIt   Task Chairs

Ergonomic Office Chairs by SitOnIt Seating for your home office, an ergonomic office chair for your workplace, healthcare facility, lab area, conference room, lunch room, executive office, training room or a 24 hour heavy duty task chair, Choose from a wide selection of customer designed chairs to fit your needs. Build your chair exactly the way you want.

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